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The Farm & Team

Underline Farm is situated on thirty acres in the beautiful Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. We are devoted to building soil, supporting thriving ecosystems, and feeding our community well through regenerative agriculture.


Part of regenerative agriculture is keeping healthy animals on chemical-free pastures to build soil, which sequesters carbon and helps us raise delicious and nutritious food. Our processes are influenced by the principles of permaculture and holistic management, along with a decade of experience working on diversified farms.

Our pasture-raised chickens are pest-control experts and top-notch fertilizers. Their managed progress over the pastures continues to leave the land we steward healthier and more diverse with each season.

With short grazing periods and long recovery times raising poultry, the land thanks us with increasingly productive and biodiverse pastures. We take our stewardship jobs seriously and are honored to tend the land and animals in a way that creates so much abundance. 

We're a small team here at Underline Farm. Leche, the farm manager, keeps us on schedule and working hard during the season. Karl does the heavy lifting and most of the work at local markets.

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