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Introductions and Ruminations

Hello and welcome to our farm website! We are Anne and Karl, a young farming couple passionate about good food and regenerative agriculture.

As we move into our third season tending this land, one of the most satisfying aspects is seeing our progress manifest. There is always more to get done, a never-ending and ever-growing to-do-list, but there is also much that has been done. One of the most gratifying things to witness is gaining ground—edging out the perimeter fence as we cut back barricades of wild rose, once-overgrown pasture showing new life after being turned over by last year's hogs, scrubby hillsides rejuvenated by the nibbling and trampling of goats, mountains of green grass erupting from the nitrogen-rich earth passed over by the chickens...

It is this sense of nourishment that drives us. This abundance that we shepherd in and are able to disperse. Neither of us grew up on farms, but both of us found happiness in feeding ourselves from our own gardens. Each of us takes pride in a hard day of wholesome labor. We cherish our lifestyle, as difficult as it can often be. Our wealth lies in our health, our community, and in the rich soil we've been investing our energy into these last two seasons.

This spring marks a new spurt of growth as we add to our offerings. Our egg laying flock is expanding, we'll be raising heritage breed turkeys for the holidays, farrowing our own piglets from the most delightful Berkshire sow, harvesting our first two steers for beef, and our first batch of lambs will be in the freezer this fall. We also tend large gardens bursting with fruits, vegetables, flowers, and medicinal herbs. Needless to say we've got our hands full. Full of tasks, but also full of bounty. We hope you'll consider supporting our endeavors by visiting the farm to pick up some of our abundance or signing up for one of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares to ensure you regularly receive delicious, nutritious meat and eggs that came from mindfully raised animals.

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