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April 1st and we ain't fooling!

Hello from the farm!

The chicks have arrived!!! At least, the first of ten batches has been delivered and are tucked away warmly in their new brooders. The little puff-balls are inquisitive, cute as a pail-full-of-kittens and oh so very hungry! The barn is filled with gentle chirping as they explore, scratch and acclimatize themselves to their new homes. It’s exciting!

This year we constructed Ohio brooder boxes in an attempt to be more efficient with our electricity usage and to hold a more consistent temperature. The boxes each have two heat lamps and the low roof contains the heat, keeping the little nuggets warm and cozy under the red lights. In years passed we have relied on 6-8 hanging heat lamps, losing much of their output to warm air rising right over the heads of the chicks. The boxes are working and everyone appears happy!

Our summer schedule has started to solidify. Greenfield market looks like the more popular choice for Underline Farm. Amherst will have to wait for the best chicken in the world!

Our last winter market is this Saturday at the Senior Center in Northampton from 10am - 2pm. Come say hello and stock up on chicken. This is our last market until Tuesday 4/19! You can still stop by the farm in Easthampton, Sawyer Farm store in Worthington, or Natural Roots Farm Store in Conway to get delicious Underline Farm chicken.

Thanks for your continued support and if you haven't yet, head over to our CSApage and secure your Underline Farm chicken share today and please share our information with anyone you know that might be interested. CSA shares are vitally important to a farmer's early season.

Be well and stay healthy,

Karl & Leche

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