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New Beginnings

Hello and happy (almost) Spring!

First things first, I am happy to announce Underline Farm has finished our move to Easthampton and Mockingbird Farm. The land is beautiful, flat(!!), and much more accessible. I feel incredibly humbled by the generosity shown by Maggie and Pete who offered their property to be a home to us. It’s another example of the incredible community we have here in Western Mass. Local agriculture cannot survive without it.

The move was hasty (maybe “finished our move” was hasty too), but we are only a handful of projects away from receiving the first chicks at the end of the month. We’re building new brooder boxes to keep the chicks nice and toasty even on the coldest nights, getting the fleet of chicken tractors fixed, repaired, shored up and ship shape, repairing and preparing fencing, cleaning waterers and feeders, setting up water hose to make keeping everyone wall hydrated easy, and a hundred other little projects that seem to get done in the excitement for spring and new beginnings.

Every season is a new beginning, a chance to recreate and improve upon years past, to learn from my mistakes, lean into my successes, and continue to grow.

This season Underline Farm is excited to bring our CSA to the valley. While we are sad to leave Bellus Rd behind, Mockingbird and Torrey Street offer us a more accessible farm and bringing us much closer to our farmers markets. Logistically, it’s a great boon. Did I mention it was flat? Physically, it’s a great boon!

Not to leave anyone out of reach, I’ve spoken with Britt and David over at Natural Roots in Conway and they have graciously offered space for a CSA pickup on their farm. Details are being worked out, but you won’t have to travel to Easthampton every time you want a chicken! In addition, Natural Roots has a well-stocked farm store with their own organic produce, eggs and a CSA of their own. It’s a one stop shop. Natural Roots might also be the prettiest farm in Western Mass, which puts it high in the running for prettiest farm world-wide. Come check it out. I look forward to seeing you there!

Happy spring, once again. Leche and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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