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Underline, Under Ice

Great news, everyone: we just picked up most of the beef and pork that we raised last season. There are about ten more boxes to grab, but first we’ll need to make some more room in our freezers. In addition to all that beef and pork, we still have a limited number of whole chickens, boneless breasts, backs, necks, and feet (great for making a gut-healing gelatinous broth). Once we’re out of birds, we won’t have more until mid-June, so stock up now for the rest of winter!

Speaking of June, we’re deep into our planning for the coming season. It feels nice to be thinking about summer while under two solid inches of ice. What a strange winter it’s been, huh? This year, we plan to double our pastured-poultry production and source soy-free organic grain for them in bulk. We also have two hundred chicks coming in about two weeks who will become our next pastured laying hen flock. Some of those organic-fed hens will be available for purchase in the spring—perfect for folks who’d like to keep their own backyard flock.

The time has come to sign up for our Poultry Preorder! By doing so, you save up to $1/lb off the retail price of our meat chickens and help us get a leg up on purchasing chicks and feed going into the season. Get your friends to sign up and you’ll save even more! For each person who lists you as a reference, you’ll save 10 cents per pound (limit of 50 cents). Interested in securing more than just chicken? Our Meat CSA also includes pork and beef. See our Purchasing page for more information.

We love seeing our regulars at the Northampton Winter Market (Saturdays 9-1 at the Senior Center on Conz Street) who come back week after week for their favorite sausages or a chicken to roast. I know John and Michael are going to be very excited when I tell them the pork roasts they’ve been asking after are finally back in stock! Hope to see all of you there, as well. If you can’t make it to market but still want to support the farm, please shoot us an email and we can coordinate an on-farm pickup or meet you somewhere mutually convenient.

We strive to provide the most nutrient-dense food to the community while taking care of this land in the best way we know how – without chemicals or tillage and with well-managed animal impact which helps build soil and biodiversity. We feel so good hearing about how much better folks feel eating meat & eggs from the animals we raise with kindness and care. Your support is paramount. Thank you for making this journey possible.

Stay cozy out there,

Anne & Karl

One of our birds spatchcocked, dusted with salt, smoked paprika, and thyme - delicious!

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